What is CuraLin?

CuraLin is a powerful, safe, and clinically tested blood sugar support supplement. 100% natural, and supported by leading doctors worldwide.

CuraLin works by blending specific glucose supporting herbs into a synergistic supplement strong enough to make a big difference in a diabetic's lifestyle. This proprietary formula is based on Ayurvedic principles, but it's strengthened with modern research and production processes.
You've never seen anything work like CuraLin...
we promise you that.

All facilities are GMP & ISO 9001 certified, and 12 independent quality test assure that CuraLin is the safest, and highest quality supplement possible.

Supports weight loss & the metabolism of fats*
Supports high daily energy levels*
Maintains healthy pancreatic beta cell function*
Helps manage the craving for sugars & other carbs*
Supports insulin sensitivity & production*


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Long-term quality of life improvements

91% of CuraLin users
recommend it to a diabetic friend

After taking CuraLin I didn’t have any more cravings. Before CuraLin, I had cravings and urges for ice-cream and sugary treats.

Now I don’t experience that anymore. I can get a full night's sleep without waking up which gives me energy to meet with my buddies and go sailing.

-Don Chin, USA

I've started on my second bottle and this is the best thing I've ever taken! I would recommend to anyone.

-Debra Doss

It started with my manager now 4 of us are on it. My doctor said give it a try.

-Jeff Ogden

Have been taking CuraLin over the last four months and am beyond pleased with the results.

-Michael Edwards

This supplement has worked miracles!

-Linda Valtsiotis

Amazing results in such a short time. Thank you!

-Meryl Hill

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

-Susan Co


-David Schiff

This product has been excellent and I will not be without it. I was only diagnosed as type two in December and I found out about Curalin. Thank you for your work in discovering this product and sharing it.

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This is a wonderful product!! It is so wonderful to find something that really works. I feel so much better!!

-Leanne Anderson

CuraLin works wonders I have recommend this to others also My nurse was well.

-Vicky Mehta

It’s works so good!

-Nathaniel Anum

I was skeptical at first so I only ordered one bottle...it WORKS!

-Jill Pittman

I had just started taking CuraLin 20 days ago and started to see a difference, it is truly the first time with a natural supplement. I have tried so many different supplements with no results. This is amazing and i am excited and have just purchased my second bottle. Thank you curalin, Please keep up the great work.

-Michael Murillo Sr.

Best on the market and I've tried a lot!

-David Ford

I purchased for my partner, she has diabetes type 2. Being very skeptical I encouraged her to give CuraLin a try. Almost immediately we saw a big difference. So well done CuraLin on a product that really does work. Look out for my next order. Thank you!

-Colin Reader

This is the greatest! My husband started taking this! Finally found a product that works!

-Linda Valtsiotis

I began taking CuraLin 2 months ago. I tell everyone I can about it.”

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I have been so impressed that I purchased an additional 6 month supply.

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I have used CuraLin for more than a year and it works well. Very satisfied, thank you very much!

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This is a fantastic product!

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I'm amazed by this product. I'll be buying more. Definitely a five star product.

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I have been using Curalife for 2 years and absolutely swear by it.

-Anne Bailey

Great herbal supplement! I started almost three months ago

-Charles Elvis Otsiwah

Ok I'm very suspicious by nature. I ran all the ingredients pass an Ayurvedic Doctor. I know & he said these are the things he would use but they have to be of a high quality. So I gambled & bought three. I now regret not buying the 5 pack. I love this & will buy more. It worked in a week!

-Anita Hobbs

I'm having great success with CuraLin! It’s been 2 months try it!

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Very good product. Very happy with the results. Thank you!

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Totally happy with CuraLin! Amazing changes. My doctor was amazed!

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My expectations are exceeded in all aspects. and I have lost 10lbs, how great is that! My diet has been about the same, maybe I am eating better foods. Over all, I am feeling better and I feel it has everything to do with CuraLin. So thank you!

-Kenneth Wyse

Finished my 1st bottle!! Best product ever!!

-Alma Byrd
What's inside CuraLin?

Nature, Perfected by Science

Bitter Melon

Also known as Karela or Momordica Charantia, Bitter Melon is traditionally used by diabetes in Eastern medicinal systems. Its mechanism of action promotes healthy physiological function in damaged pancreatic cells, supports glucose absorption, and the sensitivity of the muscle cells to insulin. [1-6]

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre has many active compounds including Saponin, which is known to help manage cravings for carbohydrate. Metabolically, it encourages healthy insulin release. [7-11]


Also known as Curcuma Longa, Tumeric has been used in Eastern medicinal systems to for hundreds of years to help people maintain healthy glucose levels though healthy insulin tolerance. [13-14]

Swertia Chirata

The active components in Swertia Chirata support a healthy release of insulin from the pancreatic cells, glucose absorption from the digestive system, and intracellular metabolism of glucose. [17-19]

Syzygium Cumini

Also known as Eugenia Jambolana, the active components in Syzygium Cumini supports a healthy physiological function in the liver, creating a reservoir of glucose macromolecules, thereby helping maintain healthy fasting blood glucose levels. [21-22]


Also known as Indian gooseberry or Emblica Officinalis, the active property in Amla is Tannoid, which helps support the physiological function of pancreatic cells. [15-16]


Also known as Trigonella Foenum Graecum, Fenugreek contains fibers that promotes insulin production, release & sensitivity. Fenugreek also helps support a healthy rate of carbohydrate absorption in the digestive system. [12]

Melia Azadirachta

The active properties in Melia Azadirachta – flavonoids, tannins, and saponins – support the healthy transformation of starch into glucose subunits and the absorption speed of carbohydrates in the body. [25-26]

Picrorhiza Kurroa

The active compounds in Pirorhiza Kurroa act as an anti-oxidant and promotes healthy liver function (protecting it from toxins). This supports healthy glucose tolerance and helps people maintain a healthy weight. [20]

Tinospora Cordifolia

Also known as Heart-leaved moonseed, Tinospora Cordifolia contains a mixture of alkaloids, diterpenoid lactones, glycoside, phenols, and aliphatic compounds which promote glucose metabolism at the cellular level for healthy of blood glucose levels. [23-24]