Are There Good Natural Ways to Maintain Healthy Glucose Levels?


Scientists confirm natural method for blood sugar maintenance. Discovery credited to a young son looking to help his father. Read how 100,000 patients are living better thanks to this natural blood sugar approach.

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Dr. Sarah Brewer

GP Functional doctor, blood sugar expert, and author of over 60 books on personal health.

Dr. Wendy Denning

GP, Member of Prince of Wales Foundation steering committee.

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A new report released by healthcare group CuraLife is raising some eyebrows after challanging some big misconceptions held by people watching their blood sugar.

The new survey data from the world’s largest blood sugar support community show that:

Although 55% of people caring for their blood sugar claim to be in control, in fact:


Still suffer from frequent issues.


Rate their health only as ‘just fair’.

What gives? Reality and how well we ‘believe’ we are managing are just not the same.

That's why so many of us feel frustrated. It’s so hard to keep blood sugar healty.

If you feel like this, it’s not your fault. The non-stop nature of blood sugar maintenance never gives you a break. It gets hard to enjoy food, sleep, and physical intimacy like this.

Bottom line - no matter how we ‘think’ we’re doing, no one likes to miss out on life’s pleasures. So what’s the best way to support healthy blood sugar without the efforts hurting your lifestyle??

Carb counting and restrictive dieting fail us

That much is clear.

Everyone agress that eating well is important to our health and wellbeing. But if crash dieting really worked, would we be so frustrated with the results? Would there be dozens of fad diets if even a few of them really worked?

Diets aren’t the answer. Now, what is?

Funny enough, it’s the very opposite of dieting you want. No restriction (dieting) more nutrition (supplementation).

Junk foods harm your blood sugar levels and weight. Good nutrition, on the other hand helps. But this doesn’t mean you need to start eating salad all the time.

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Blood Sugar Health Requires All the Support You Can Get.
Supplements are my big recommendation for that!

Dr. Sarah Brewer

Member of CuraLife’s medical advisory board

Award-winning author of over 60 popular self-help books, a registered medical Doctor, Nutritionist and Nutritional Therapist.

The good news is – using the right herbal supplements makes it easier to maintain healthy glucose levels, keep a healthy weight, feel highly energetic, and reduce the daily frustrations that caring for your blood sugar can cause in your lifestyle.
The science is clear. Clinical trials show that specialty supplements work for up to 88% of patients. But only 32% know that these supplements exist and can improve your quality of life.
That’s where CuraLin comes intדo the picture. But what is CuraLin?

Meet CuraLin

The blood sugar support your body’s been craving

Today, over 100,000 patients take CuraLin for daily blood sugar support.

It’s is an effective, safe, and doctor-approved supplement for general wellness and blood sugar health.

Your body needs you to support 18 key cellular functions for blood sugar health in order for you to feel lifestyle benefits of targeted nutrition (meaning, enjoying your favorite foods, sleeping well, keeping an active love life, etc). CuraLin’s formula is specifically made to target those needs.

The effects are quick and measureable - most users seeing results in just 3-7 days.

Individual results may vary.

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My dad’s story is
CuraLin’s Story

Ron Elul | Founder of CuraLife

“Caring for my father’s blood sugar health fell on my whole family. It hit him hard. He was always so independent and energetic. It was sad to see him suddenly fatigued and frustrated all the time.

I used to physically take food away from him. Honestly, that was as painful for me as it was for my dad. He was trying so hard but his blood sugar was crushing his lifestyle. I had to do something.

I worked with blood sugar doctors and investigated lost medicinal systems from around the world until we finally found a formula that works.

This research took years. But it helped my father... and his friends. So I made available to everyone, and now over 100,000 patients take CuraLin.”

Ron, CuraLife’s founder and CEO, explains, “CuraLin mixed ancient Ayurvedic principles with modern science, to create an extra strength natural supplement for glucose support.

Each ingredient is exactly what your body needs, like bitter melon, which supports healthy pancreas function, which is the foundation of healthy glucose levels.”

Natural blood
sugar support

You’re making a smart choice.

Over 7 Years and Thousands of Customers...

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of CuraLin Customers

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Customers Reviews Of CuraLin

I now feel that I’m being rewarded for my hard work. I am now a permanent customer. Just give it a try. You’ll be delighted.

Jo R.

CuraLin sounded too good to be true. But it works. Oh man, it works.


The biggest thing that CuraLin has done for me is interrupt my mindset of hopelessness. It’s a wonderful tool in my toolbox.

Denise R.

I thought ‘well, let’s give it a try'. And I did. And I was amazed. My doctor was totally amazed.

Sherry L.

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My father has been
using CuraLin and i feel
much better knowing his
health is in good hands

CuraLin blends herbal compounds that support your glucose health from the inside out. Supporting healthy pancreas and liver function, weight management and 18 other actions that contributes to blood sugar health.
But CuraLin goes even further. The herbs in CuraLin reduce cravings for sugars and carbs. Now it’s so much easier to manage your cravings and diet.

Boom. Just like that, lifestyle choices that felt hard until now are easier. It’s easier to eat well, stay energetic, keep your weight in check and finally focus on other areas of your life.
Individual results may vary.

Here's a run-down on the 9 incredible herbs in CuraLin
and how they combine to support a healthy blood sugar level:


Is a widely used traditional root for blood glucose support. It contains curcumin which promotes healthy blood glucose levels and tolerance to pancreas signals. It also supports the immune system.

Swertia Chirata

Is a beautiful, purple flower that contains active compounds that promote cellular glucose metabolism, support the release of secretions from the pancreas, and keep a healthy rate of glucose absorption in the digestive system.

Bitter Melon

Is traditionally used to support glucose metabolic sensitivity and healthy pancreatic function.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Cuts through carb cravings! This plant is also known as “gurmar”, a meaning “sugar destroyer”. It contains molecules similar in shape to glucose, so they fill sugar receptors on the taste buds, reducing cravings and keeping carbohydrate absorption to a healthy rate.

Picrorhiza Kurroa

Is a stem from the Himalayas that helps the liver’s management of toxins, and supports proper function, which in turn helps to promote glucose metabolism and natural weight management.


Is rich in tannins, which support the pancreas and promote the healthy function of damaged cells.

Syzygium Cumini

Is a popular supplement in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine for people seeking glucose support. It contains active compounds that support normal liver function and normal glucose levels.


Is rich in special fibers that support pancreas signal production, release and usage. It also maintains a healthy rate of carbohydrate absorption in the digestive system!

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum

Promotes healthy pancreas signal sensitivity & release and helps maintain healthy fasting glucose and A1c levels. Cinnamon also supports healthy weight loss and a healthy feeling nervous system.

This Extra-strength blood sugar support formula is going to help you...

Enjoy your life and food while feeling at pace with your health.

You’ll love CuraLin or we’ll give your money back.

60 days money back guarantee

Don’t just take our word for it. We’re so confident you'll love CuraLin that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee! If you're not 100% satisfied with CuraLin within 60 days, simply give us a call, and we'll get you your money back, no questions asked.

Have Questions?
We Want You to Ask!

Our team of nutrition experts and scientists has answers

  • Can I take CuraLin alongside my drugs?

    CuraLin is a natural dietary supplement, meaning that it’s meant as a compliment to your existing regime. You simply take it as part of your diet to help maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Thousands of CuraLin users take CuraLin alongside their prescribed drugs and treatments and no serious negative interactions have been recorded. Of course, please consult with your doctor before starting on CuraLin, whether you’re on drugs or not.

  • What are the clinical results of CuraLin?

    CuraLin’s real-world results show a very high level of safety and efficacy in supporting a healthy fasting and A1c level, improving daily energy, and helping with weight loss. A clinical case study on CuraLin’s effectiveness were published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, and CuraLin is currently involved in a number of double blind placebo controlled studies.

  • Is CuraLin recommended by doctors?

    Yes! Hundreds of doctors recommend CuraLin, and the number is rapidly growing. These include high profile doctors, endocrinologists, and diabetes researchers. Doctors are seeing an average success rate of about 90% with their patients, and many of these doctors also take CuraLin themselves for blood sugar support.

  • Is CuraLin safe?

    Yes! CuraLin has been noted by researchers for its ‘highly favorable safety profile’.
    The production is done in GMP and ISO9001 certified, and registered facilities.
    Every batch of CuraLin undergoes at least 10 safety tests during the production process. All tests are conducted by fully certified independent labs for total transparency. No severe negative effects have been reported while taking CuraLin, and it is safe to use alongside prescribed medication (consult your doctor first, of course).

  • Is the capsule natural?

    Yes, CuraLin comes in an easy to swallow rice-based capsule. It is 100% natural and vegan friendly.

  • Where can I read more about the science?

    CuraLin has 9 natural ingredients, each with its own actions that support healthy blood sugar. Together, they support 18 key body functions. CuraLin’s product page goes into depth on the science behind each ingredient and lists out a lot of the scientific studies. Check it out here.

  • Which benefits will I get by using CuraLin?

    CuraLin has many benefits including helping to promote:
    · Healthy and stable blood sugar levels
    · High daily energy levels
    · Healthy weight loss
    · Healthy pancreas and beta cell function
    · Reduced cravings for sugars & other carbs
    · Healthy absorption rates of carbohydrates
    · Healthy live and kidney function
    CuraLin users also rave about how they have more motivation and positivity in life after seeing that they can succeed.
    We guarantee that you will love CuraLin. If for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied within 60 days, just write to our support for your money back.

  • I started to see results within 2 days. Is that too fast?

    Not at all! And we’re happy to hear that you’re seeing results so fast. We recommend taking CuraLin for 2-3 weeks before seeing results only to set expectations. But it’s completely normal to see results in as little as 2-3 days.

  • What’s the story behind CuraLin?

    CuraLife was founded by Ron when his father needed help with glucose support. None of the products he tried and none of the lifestyle changes he made where helping. So Ron, flew around the world looking for something that would help. Ron was introduced to a family of Ayurvedic doctors on an educational trip to India. They developed a glucose support formula together, and after years of research and testing, CuraLin was born. Today, CuraLin is used by over 100,000 customers around the world.

  • I’m a doctor and want to recommend CuraLin to my patients. Do you have a professional program?

    We do! Please click on this link to register for our Professionals program.

  • Will my doctor approve of this?

    Over 700 doctors, endocrinologists, and medical practitioners are already recommending CuraLin to their patients. While we cannot speak for (and you should consult) your doctor, we can say that doctors everywhere have been thrilled by the results their patients are seeing with CuraLin.

  • Can you tell me more about the 100,000 member support community?

    Peer-support is one of the most important things you can get to help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Having a community that’s there to answer your questions, share a recipe, or give you a shoulder to lean is super valuable. This is the world’s largest online blood sugar support community, and it’s there for you day and night. Once you place your CuraLin order, we’ll send you an invite so you can join.

Trusted by 700+ Doctors

Over 700 doctors and pharmacists recommend CuraLin to their patients. These include top endocrinologists and faculty members of medical universities. Many of these doctors also take CuraLin themselves! Here are just a few of the doctors working with CuraLin:

Dr. Michael Binder

Functional doctor, author of Cracking The Diabetic Code.

Dr. Nancy Russell

Internal Medicine Specialist, North Kansas City Hospital

Prof. Itamar Raz

World renouned diabetes expert with over 400 published peer-reviewed studies.

Dr. Sarah Brewer

Functional doctor, diabetes expert, and author of over 60 books on personal health.

In the cases I've seen, patients typically start to experience results within the first few days when starting CuraLin.

Dr. Sarah Brewer

CuraLin can make a big change in the lives of patients. It is safe and effective in supporting Hemoglobin A1C levels.

Prof. Itamar Raz

All Natural Ingredients

Support your body without chemicals or synthetics

*consult your doctor before taking CuraLin

Doctor approved

Safe to take with medications*

Independent quality checks

Encapsulated in the EU

Uses registered facilities

Vegan friendly

GMP and ISO9001 Certified facilities

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