Shipping Policy

Product Delivery

7.1 Delivery. Unless otherwise stated at the time of checkout, all orders will require an additional charge for shipping. Shipping charges will vary by destination. Orders can take can take between 7 to 28 business days for delivery. Additional costs may apply to all orders placed outside the European Economic Area and the USA.

7.2 Delivery Costs. Unless your order qualifies for free delivery, then in addition to the price, you will have to pay the cost of delivery as quoted on the Website at the time we accept your order. These costs vary according to your shipping address (the destination), the method of delivery, and the time of delivery.

7.3 Delivery Time. Following receipt of the payment, including any applicable delivery costs, we will arrange for delivery of the Products you ordered to the address you specified on checkout, according the method of delivery you selected. From the time of the order, we may require up to 3 business days for order processing before shipping or dispatching the delivery. Shipping price will depend on the weight of the Products ordered and their package and is calculated automatically at checkout. Large orders and multi-box orders may require a custom shipping configuration and/or pricing, and in such cases we would contact you requiring your approval and payment for the delivery costs before delivering your order. CuraLife will make every attempt to deliver your order within 31 business days from the confirmation and acceptance of the order, but will not be liable for delays in delivery due to the fault of postal services and delivery companies.

7.4 Failed Delivery. If you do not accept your order upon delivery or fail to supply adequate delivery instructions, we may cancel your order and retain the Products. In such event, we will refund you the price of the Products but you will still be liable to pay any cost of delivery.

7.5 Issues with Delivery. If there is an error or any other issue with the delivery of the Products ordered, you must notify us in writing within 14 days of the delivery date or in case the delivery was not made – 14 days following the estimated delivery date. We will not be liable for any loss or damage if you fail to inform us according to this clause.

7.6 Customs Regulations. We do our best to adhere and comply with each country’s customs regulations. At the same time, we do ask you to double-check your country’s import policies before placing an order on the Website. Orders that are seized by your local customs authority for any reason cannot be refunded.

7.7 Customs Duties, Taxes, and Ancillary Fees. Most countries charge customs duties (also known as import duties, or import tariffs) to purchases not originating in the destination country. Many countries also charge import or sales taxes on imported goods. Many countries have De Minimis thresholds with respect to the application of customs duties and taxes on goods imported, with duties and taxes being applied only once the De Minimis threshold has been passed. Sometimes, international shipments are opened and inspected by the destination country and inspection fees are levied even if the De Minimis threshold has not been reached. You are responsible for all customs duties, taxes, and ancillary fees arising from importing CuraLin to your country and CuraLife cannot be held responsible for payment. If you refuse payment of these charges and the package is not returned to a CuraLife warehouse, the order cannot be refunded.