5 Ways Gymnema Sylvestre Helps Support Your Blood Sugar

Here are the big five ways that this uncommon purple flower can promote your healthy blood sugar levels, help you enjoy your favorite foods, and regain your strength and energy.

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1. Glucose Absorption

Keeping your blood sugar healthy starts with what you eat - but how well you burn away the sugar in your blood is much more important.

Gymnema helps your muscles absorb sugar from your blood so that your body can burn it off as energy.

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2. Beta Cell Health

Beta cells are super important for your blood sugar health because beta cells make your insulin. Without insulin, you cannot absorb sugar from your blood.

Gymnema helps keep your beta cells healthy and clean so that they can properly make insulin, an essential hormone.

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3. Fat Burning Power

Even a little less body fat can make it easier for you to process blood sugar. Just a 5% reduction in fat can make a big difference.

Gymnema is shown scientifically to help you lose weight. We're not talking about unhealthy shedding like on fad diets, but a small amount, which can easily help promote healthy blood sugar.

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4. Unhealthy Cravings Blocker

It's 100% natural to have some food cravings, but you want to have them under control. Induldge when you plan to, on your terms, not when your hormones force you to.

Gymnema blocks unwanted cravings by filling in the sugar receptors on your tongue without changing the taste or texture of food. It just makes you crave less.

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5. Delays Hunger

Satiety is the feeling of being full and happy after meals. If you have low satiety, you feel hungry and want to eat all the time.

Gymnema extends satiety so that you feel full and satisfied for longer after meals. When you're not thinking about eating all day, it's easier to make the right food choices.

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