Boost Your Daily Energy With These Diabetic-Friendly Snacks!

When it comes to preparing for a full and active day, what we eat, especially when one has diabetes, has a great impact. Everything from mood, heal...

When it comes to preparing for a full and active day, what we eat, especially when one has diabetes, has a great impact. Everything from mood, health, energy and mindfulness are affected by the food you eat, when you eat, and how much of it. Due to the particular side-effects found in many diabetic treatments, people with the illness often find themselves under-nourished or hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). This can leave you drowsy and demotivated at the worst of times. But worry not, you can boost your energy and mood with healthy and hearty snacks!

Hummus and Veggies:

Since hummus can be calorie-heavy combine it with delicious celery or carrots, to have a great crispy and savory snack. For those who do not like hummus, try an artichoke dip or tzatziki, but try to avoid carb-heavy breadsticks or fatty chips for use as dipping instruments.

Applesauce or Yogurt:

Non-fat yogurt and sugar-free applesauce actually make for a highly nutritious snack, not to mention that both come in a number of fruity varieties to keep you from getting bored. Low-fat yogurt contains both helpful proteins and healthy carbohydrates helping you regulate your digestion and keep your energy up. Whilst applesauce contains more carbs than a regular apple, it can be a nice break from more eating intensive fruit, and provide you with some invigorating vitamins.

Trail Mix:

From nuts, dried fruit, grains, popcorn (not microwaved), one can get creative with their trail mix for the go. Nuts have proven to have fantastic effects on diabetes, limiting blood sugar spikes, and providing healthy proteins. Dried fruit is considered another super food containing important fiber and vitamins, while also being super easy to store and carry. Even dark chocolate can be good for diabetics (look for a minimum of 70% cacao content), so feel free to break some pieces into the mix, to give it a little something different.

Fruit and Smoothies:

Grab a fresh apple and some blueberries, and you can have yourself a delicious and healthy midday snack, that will keep your energy up. Many fruits, such as Strawberries and Grapes, are easy on sugars and contain super beneficial fibers which regulate digestion. Make yourself a berry mix, or grab an apple, and be worry free in between meals. If fibrous textures can be too much for you, invest in a blender and load up on smoothies. Although blended fruit does not contain the same amount of nutrients there are still super helpful vitamins contained in its liquid form.

Stay away from old-fashion snacks like greasy potato chips or fatty cookies and use these superfoods to become a super you. Send us your snack ideas so we can spread the word, and help more people stay active and happy! Click here to share your snack ideas with the CuraLife Community.

Until next time, the CuraLife Team.