Why Does Diabetes Make You So Thirsty?

By: Jolie Wiener

June 25, 2020

We’ve always been told to drink plenty of water. But do you ever feel like a thirsty camel gulping down water in a desert oasis? You can’t seem to quench your thirst, even though you’re drinking more than the recommended two liters a day? Some people get really thirsty because of the hot weather or intensive exercise But for a diabetic, it means something different. If your glucose levels are high, your body tries to get rid of the excess sugar in your blood. It does this in two different ways:
  • First, it absorbs the glucose into your cells for energy.
  • Second, it flushes the glucose out of your body completely.

While both reflect proper body function, one of these methods is what’s likely causing your unquenchable thirst.


How Your Body Flushes Out Excess Glucose?

Excess blood sugar forces your kidneys to work harder than normal to keep your glucose levels normal. When your kidneys can’t keep up, your body will try to flush the excess glucose out of the body through urine. That’s why diabetic patients pee so often. Frequent bathroom breaks lead to dehydration, leaving you with an undying thirst for water. That’s your body’s way of telling you to replace the fluids it just flushed. No matter how much you drink, the thirst remains. This creates a vicious cycle of drinking and urinating. Until the underlying problem of elevated glucose levels is addressed, diabetic frequent urination will remain an unsolved issue.


A Final Tip for Diabetes Thirst

It’s important you don’t drink soda or juice if you’re looking to quench your thirst. These drinks are high in sugar, which may trigger a spike in your blood levels and make your thirst even worse. Always chose water… nature’s best. One of the best ways to live a high quality of life as a diabetic is through community support from people on the same journey as you. Join the Winning Type 2 Diabetes Together community on Facebook and connect with thousands of other diabetics around the world, all supporting each other towards living their best lives, despite type 2 diabetes.

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